About us

Posted on: February 8, 2008, 6:04 pm

The Virtual Microscope used for scanning is situated at the department of Pathology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is the Hamamatsu Nanozoomer Scanner, which can scan at 20x and 40x at high speed. It has a slide feeder for 210 slides for one run. The images are first kept on an Intranet image server and later for network security reasons copied to a server outside the Intranet of the Erasmus MC to be visible on the Internet. The Erasmus MC IT department maintains the Internet server.
The website and application is hosted by a web host. The application uses links to the images on the Erasmus MC Internet server, where the images are stored.

The web site and the forum section have been designed, programmed in PHP and MySQL and maintained by Daan Riegman. Peter Riegman provided the application demands and texts for the Histology Discussion Environment.